Group exhibition - Online to Heaven

26.07 - 26.08.24

The group exhibition “Online to Heaven” aims to create a transition from the representation of reality, the visible world, to a visualization of the invisible. In this context, abstract forms prove to be particularly suitable for revealing the pure expression of the spirit.


The philosopher Martin Heidegger postulated that art is nothing other than the language of all being. Wassily Kandinsky argued that the harmony that emerges from a work of art is directly related to the harmony of the cosmos. In view of today's society, which is characterised by technology and science, the promotion of the artistic spirit, whose characteristics are diametrically opposed, takes on particular relevance. Art always functions as a means of emphasising irrationality and expressing human feelings, ideas and experiences.

The group exhibition "Online to Heaven" aims to present visually impressive compositions that lead the viewer on imaginary adventures shrouded in mystery.

The title of the exhibition "Online to Heaven" refers to the spiritual creativity and freedom that harmonises the inner dimensions of the artists with the cosmos; online, open, connected, together with heaven, the universe as a whole.

We unconsciously sense these universal laws - according to Kandinsky - "We must not limit ourselves to looking at nature from the outside, but we must experience it from the inside." In this sense, the exhibition aims to challenge rational thinking, logic and conventional interpretations. Thus, the exhibiting artists reach into the deep realms of the subconscious and offer the viewer the opportunity to experience their abstract inner landscapes in an absolutely freeway. The individual and visual realisations deal with a wide range of abstract representation, characterised by series, repetitions, variations, vibrations and contrasts. The different concepts create exciting interpretative possibilities that defy logical constraints.


Exhibiting artists: Martin Pohl, Alexander Staffler, Mirijam Heiler, Markus Delago, Andrea M. Varesco and Anuschka Prossliner


Miriajm Heiler's work is characterised by reduction, rhythm and graphic essence. With poetic and subtle expression, she creates connections between space and infinity. They are sensitive depictions of harmony and balance.

Martin Pohl's gestural, monochrome pictorial formulations fascinate through the generous strokes of the palette knife. The gestures alone, guided by spontaneity and feeling, take his art to the limits of the incomprehensible. A dynamic and lively inner dimension finds its harmony in the rhythm of being.

Alexander Staffler's works radiate a great deal of energy and tension. With great intensity, he circles around a condensed structure of lines and only allows the form to emerge in the drawing process. Weightless in a vacuum, his art illuminates an enigmatic, cosmic presence. 

The fundamental characteristic of Anuschka Prossliner's drawings is the unintentionality and unconsciousness of a pictorial formulation. She creates vibrations and rhythms in a meditative process. With these non-verbal works of art, she leads us into a subtle, spiritual world.

In Markus Delago's art, spontaneity and order meet as essential elements of physical energies. An intensity manifests itself that almost moves into the supernatural. The artist offers the viewer a gradual progression to higher states of consciousness. 

Andrea Varesco's artistic work is characterised by the principle of formlessness. Freed from the functionality of describing and defining forms, her works show intense applications of colour that emerge from an inner dimension. The dynamic and lively movements of colour manifest themselves as a pure expression of the spirit.


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