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22.02 - 25.02.24

Vijion Art Gallery is pleased to present the artists Andrea M. Varesco, Flavio Senoner, Josef Kostner and Egon Digon at Art Karlsruhe 2024. With the works of these four artists, Vijion Art Gallery aims to embrace the broad diversity of contemporary art, ranging from abstraction to figuration, with each artist's practice presented in its uniqueness and fascination.

We would like to give a brief introduction to each artist's work. 

Andrea M. Varesco's diverse colour spectrum and atmospheric colour temperatures stimulate the senses. The focus is on the poetic effects of light and colour. The art and painting of Andrea Varesco has the quality to embody something without figuration. Without figuration, his art and his painting have the quality of embodying something, of becoming physically concrete, of triggering the thought of visiting a physical counterpart, of meeting it, of approaching it, of approaching it with one's eyes, so that the two-dimensional object-painting has gained a kind of liveliness, possesses it and radiates it like a subject. The question of what it is that makes this painting so attractive and appealing that a sensual desire can arise leads to ideas and insights. These concern the presence of seeing and understanding, and thus lead to a realisation that is necessary, since presence of mind is required when approaching this painting.


Josef Kostner finds his artistic inspiration in the nature and landscape of his native Dolomites. Out of a deep inner need, over the decades he has created sculptures and graphics that reflect the complexity of the human psyche. The abysses and devotion of the human soul are palpable in his works. At the same time, his sculptures manage to depict the uniqueness of the individual, as if he were part of an eternal collective. Those who empathise with Josef Kostner's sculptures enter a sphere that is close to the cultic, the archaic: like fallen idols, his sculptures seem to have been rebuilt by a reverent hand, composed of split and layered pieces of rock. As a sculptor, he knows the struggle of form, he has always sought solutions, questioned, broken new ground.


The seemingly simple, orderly and clear is what characterises the work of artist Flavio Senoner. Senoner creates his works using natural materials such as wood and plaster. The interweaving and overlapping of horizontal and vertical strips of wood create visual images of strong, emotional perceptions. The artist works intensively with the line, which, through repetition, dissolves its consistency and reveals a completely new potential. The abstract grid structures are characterised by the simultaneous existence of the dissimilar. This intention promotes a concentration of vibration and poetry.


Egon Digon manipulates wood so that it resembles something as soft as foam rubber. He breaks the solidity of the rigid material and transforms it into a fluid mass in motion. The compression and apparent thrust of the wood material takes on deformations and breaks the formal aesthetics of the original form. His fascination with line, edge and geometry removes and elevates their validity. The artworks require meticulous and lengthy production. It is only when you get closer that you see the details and the formal potential of the soft, full and empty forms. Starting from a geometric form, Digon explores the possibilities of distortion in his works. The decomposition of geometry gives rise to visual illusions. Digon's work finds its fulfilment - whether as irritation for the sake of irritation, or as form for the sake of form. The irritation is at least as much a product of the viewer as it is of the work.

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