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08.11 - 12.11.23

Vijion Art Gallery is pleased to present the artists Andrea M. Varesco, Flavio Senoner and Egon Digon at the Affordable Art Fair Hamburg 2023. With the work of the three artists, Vijion Art Gallery aims to show different possibilities of abstraction in contemporary art.

Andrea M. Varesco's work speak of freedom and emotions that erupt in open spaces. Using a wide range of colors, Andrea intuitively develops her powerful images. Her painting has this quality of embodying something without being concrete, of becoming physically concrete, triggering the thought that one is looking at a physical counterpart, that the two-dimensional object image has gained a kind of liveliness and exude it.

Flavio Senoner chose wood and plaster, to create his rhythmic structures. With the arrangement of pieces of wood and the use of black and white, come to the fore in his works, movement, plasticity, and three-dimensionality. The artist also adds a random element: he sets his works on fire, thus allowing the flames to alter the surface by changing structure and introducing patterns. If you look at Senoner's works from different angles, they create sensitive and exciting vibrations.

Egon Digon carves the hard material wood so that it looks like soft foam. The work is always created from a whole block of solid wood. Through his work process he wants to break the strictness of geometric shapes. It gives movement and lightness to the straight line. By dissolving the strength of the rigid material wood, soft, partly biomorphic shapes are created. It creates an interplay of surfaces and lines and thus achieves fascinating visual experiences. Very often he ties forms together and then lets them escape in spontaneous outflows.

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