Gregor Prugger – N pitl mond

14.10 - 11.11.23

The exhibition N pitl mond - A Small World - unites Gregor Prugger's multifaceted interest in object-based small sculpture - both in its possibilities and its themes. The simultaneity of the dissimilar, the juxtaposition and overlapping of different styles and expressive possibilities are illustrated here.

Gregor Prugger is constantly making great discoveries and, with his spirited approach, creates a completely new, personal oeuvre. Surprising work cycles are constantly created, which always convey his closeness to nature. He develops his own way of working, which is primarily inspired by his engagement with nature. Prugger always uses a find from nature as the central element or inspiration. For him, finding fragments and finding the resulting form are always close together. His use of natural materials is partly affirmative, partly deliberately careless, and accidental. Ideas intersect that surprise even the artist.

For Prugger, this collaboration, with what nature creates and its interventions, is his basic concept. These ingenious fusions of natural forms and artistic additions give rise to different associations. In doing so, the artist opens new spaces of perception for us that speak from the ironic to the profound themes of infinity. The fusion of spontaneity and genius is typical of Prugger's artistic work.

The exhibition “N pitl mond” shows Gregor's artistic development, which unites the earliest to the latter small sculptures. This is a range of unique, small-format object art that is characterized by numerous, imaginative facets. In this way, the artist develops his very specific world of expression, which is unique as a sculptural work in contemporary art. Gregor Prugger's diversity and ingenuity shows us his astonishingly changeable consistency.


Vernissage: Saturday 14th October 2023 at 6 PM in the Vijion Art Gallery

The exhibition remains open from 16th October to the 11th November 2023 from Monday to   Saturday

from 4pm to 7pm, or on appointment:

+39 338 2098697

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