Josef Kostner (1933-2017) Between rebellion and resignation - Museum Hofburg Bressanone

08.04 - 09.10.22

The exhibition "Josef Kostner (1933-2017) "Between Rebellion and Resignation", in the Hofburg Brixen, deals with the versatile work of Josef Kostner and shows us a representative cross-section of his oeuvre.

The exhibition was set up in six rooms and is not only intended to illustrate the artist's career, but also to provide a very emotional and profound insight into the artist's soul life. Kostner's emotional world is not only presented on the basis of his expressive works, but also made tangible through his poems and diary entries, which are always written very directly and bluntly, which accompany the exhibition. Kostner's more mature drawings in particular complement his sculptural oeuvre in an enriching way and must therefore be viewed directly in confrontation with it. Particular emphasis was placed on this in the conception of the exhibition.

Josef Kostner's explosive works, characterized by rebellion and resignation, are more relevant today than ever. In a turbulent time, marked by uncertainty and perplexity, his sculptures and drawings convey confidence and give hope: hope in society and being able to overcome crises; Hope to break away from outdated conventions and dare to do something new; Hope for a carefree, happy life. The timeless and sincere works of Josef Kostner not only tell the story of a person whose elixir of life was art in an intimate way, but are also a mirror of our society, stimulate reflection and refer to the true values of human existence.

In the exhibition, graphic and sculptural works can be viewed.

An accompanying volume has been published for the exhibition. This reports on Kostner's extensive work and is available in the museum shop of the Hofburg Brixen for € 26.00. The publication contains chronologically structured texts that deal with Kostner's creative phases, as well as an introductory text by the late gallery owner Josef Maier of the Galerie Maier in Innsbruck, in which Kostner's works have found an extensive presentation platform, especially in his last years.

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