06.08 - 04.09.21

Vijion Art Gallery hosts the exhibition "Georitmie" by the artist Mona Lisa Tina, curated by Livia Savorelli
Opening 06.08. 2021
Duration of exhibition:
07.08.2021 – 04.09.2021


At the opening the artist Mona Lisa Tina will present her new performance "Georitmie" designed for the space of the Vijion Art Gallery in Ortisei. The exhibition is curated by Livia Savorelli.
The performance is carried out in two different time windows:
at 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm
Reservation required: please send mail by Monday, August 2nd:

"Georitmie" is the title of the first solo exhibition and live performance, by the artist Mona Lisa Tina, which will take place at the opening on Friday, August 6th.


Mona Lisa Tina, born 1977, is a visual artist and art therapist. She gives special attention to the research of the medium of performance, which she expresses with strong pathos intensity and symbolic actions. At the same time, her own body is a place of continuous emotional and physical processes. In her performances the willingness to approach the spectator with empathy plays a significant role. In this process of transference of feelings, the intention is to invite the audience to re-appropriate one's own personality and identity.

As the curator of the exhibition Livia Savorelli points out, "supporter of the universality of the transversal language of art, which can overcome any barrier - cultural, geographical or gender - Mona Lisa Tina, through her silent listening, her enormous capacity to enter empathy, to grasp emotions and to "read" pain in the broadest sense of the word, invites us to find new ways of encountering the Next. It is an inclusive approach that uses the language of art to underscore a constructive intent, an aspiration to a "better world" that we all so desperately need. "

Starting from the work Nero (2020), the exhibition presents the photographic works of Mona Lisa Tina from the series Primario, a cycle entirely dedicated to the primal power of primary colours – its symbolic meaning is hidden while emphasizing its therapeutic properties. Mona Lisa Tina makes the analysed colour the protagonist of the respective series (red, white, blue, yellow). Colour is the only element of connection between the artist’s body and the natural environment. It thus becomes a symbolic emblem of the age-old connection with nature that humanity can receive in a regenerating embrace. This is a connection that the artist strengthens through performative actions and investigates the deep emotions that each individual colour triggers. Based on the colour red chosen by the artist for the performance “Georithmie”, the sensations are transmitted to the audience through sound, evocative images, and participative actions, all entering a unity and a silent dialogue.
In the exhibition, Mona Lisa Tina will also present two new series Bianco e Blu, both from 2021, which will accompany the series Rosso from 2020.

Biography - Mona Lisa Tina:
Visual artist and art therapist, Mona Lisa Tina lives and works in Bologna. Born in 1977 in Francavilla Fontana (BR), he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna in 2005 and specialized in art therapy at Art Therapy Italy in 2012.
She is a lecturer and didactic advisor of the Triennial Course for Art Therapy at LE NUOVE ARTI TERAPIE, with director Oliviero Rossi. A conference on visual arts and performing arts held in Bologna, Florence, Rome, and Milan.

Mona Lisa Tina has exhibited in various museums in Italy and abroad, as well as in galleries and research spaces for contemporary art. The artist conducts seminars and workshops on the fundamental aspects of her artistic investigation and has participated in numerous publications dealing with the expressive language of performance and the centrality of the body.                     Mona Lisa Tina focuses on the body as a place of constant psychological and physical transformation processes. Within the performative actions, she promotes a symbolic dimension of self-image and a real reappropriation of identity. The artist wants to propose an “alternative” physics that frees itself from standardized patterns of beauty. Her aim is to create a symbolic space so that new ways of communication can be created, opening the subject to different interpretations and debates.

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