The creation phase of the sculpture is a very time-consuming work. For the artist Philipp Eyrich, it is like a variable puzzle that emerges slowly and always through precise observation and examination. It is very important for the artist, to leave to the respective material, his purity and characteristics. Peter Zumptor quot says: „It is the time and the purity you need to create something special and fitting". A preferred material for Philipp Eyrich is raw concrete. The artist was inspired by the brutalistic style of the buildings and monuments built in the seventies, especially in the Soviet Union. These still carry their shine in the grey gold today. The material, which symbolises the architecture of the humanity, can us always amaze with new and different structures. Concrete is carrier and medium in one.
Philipp does not conceive his works exclusively from concrete, but uses various materials such as aluminum and wood.

Step by step, with a lot of energy, the form will be created, which at first does not reveal exactly how the object develops. Eyrich's artistic ambition is to give the sculpture an inner radiance and a certain charm. The Russian sculptor Louise Nevelson emphasizes that the creation phase of a sculpture is connected with great tensions and emotions as follows: „The creation process is characterized by the necessity of going and digging into oneself. It is in the nature of the creative process that it is not an act of glorious external representation, but a painful, difficult process within".
Philipp's sculptures spread a lot of power and energy in space, because they are anxious to break the formal boundaries. Often there are pointed edges or long aluminium loops that seek contact in the environment. They are lines and balls that invite the viewer to a mutual dialogue. One is anxious to dive into it, to wander around in it and to let wander one's own thoughts. With this Philipp opens us a great mental experience which we can enjoy in individual freedom. This is precisely what today's concept of art is all about, expressing and embodying freedom. Only in this way people can carry development impulses and evolve them into the world.
The musician Hector Berlioz underlines: „ Arts demands freedom". The artworks of Philipp Eyrich are characterized by a strong center. Lines and forms lead to an energetic focus. They are sculptural works which, despite the wide spines, points and edges, are held by a stable and static body. One could often sense organic forms in his sculptures, but they have no such intention. It is precisely this clash of biological reality and thought-provoking imagination that makes his works more exciting.
Whoever leav the real forms must move. Philipp has taken up this challenge and now presents us with his sculptures with a completely new, synthetic formal language. The creation phase of his sculptures is always about collecting and omitting and finally about arranging and emphasizing the essential.
The use of these special materials gives Philipp's sculptures an additional, artificial and unnatural quality. This form of expression, consciously intended and evoked by him, points us to a sterile world of our time, manipulated by mankind. In view of his art, our awareness of today's human responsibility is strengthened. They are deep statements that can be felt with deeper attention.

In all engagement with Philipp's art, one senses in a special way the circling energy that spreads from a concentrated core. It leads us back to the origin of all being of our cosmos.
Kostner Valentine

CV Philipp-Emanuel Eyrich born 12.06.88



  • Offen auf AEG
  • Jahresausstellung der AdBK Nürnberg
  • Galerie Massimo Carassi „The Flat“, Mailand
  • Galerie Von und Von, Nürnberg
  • „Bembicolombo“ Miranda Gou Gallery, New York
  • Galerie Störpunkt, München
  • „Wipshow“ RCA, London

Absolventenausstellung AdBK Nürnberg

  • „UMl20“ Akademie Galerie
  • Jahresausstellung AdBK Nürnberg
  • Edelextra
  • „All in and Everything out“ Raum für Zeitgenössische Kunst Nürnberg


  • „Scheitern“ Kunstverein Essenheim
  • Frühjahrsrundgang auf AEG
  • Jahresausstellung der AdBK Nürnberg
  • Ausstellungslabor 18 AdBK Nürnberg
  • Offen auf AEG
  • Borgoorsamble Sommerrundgang


  • „Gold“ Kunstverein Schwabach
  • „Verschärft“ Herr Henning Nürnberg
  • „Klassenfahrt“ Evelyn Drewes Galerie Hamburg
  • Jahresausstellung der AdBK Nürnberg
  • „Größenwahn“ Im „Heute“ (Raum für Zeitgenössische Kunst) Nürnberg


  •  „Konflikt“ katholische Akademie München
  • Jahresausstellung der AdBK Nürnberg
  • Distant Grounds Festival Griechenland

2013 Beginn des Studiums Schwerpunkt Bildhauerei bei Prof. Ottmar Hörl
2011 - 2013 Weltreise
2011 Anerkennungsjahr Aktivspielplatz Megilo. Erzieher Fachhochschulreife
2007 evang. Fachakademie für Sozialpädagogik Nürnberg
2006 Zivildienst Spielmobile Nürnberg

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