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It is our aim to recognize strong positions in the thicket of artistic creation and to offer these to art lovers.

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Selected art at Vijion Art Gallery

The art gallery in Val Gardena offers paintings and sculptures from modern to contemporary art.

Val Gardena, a valley with a long artistic tradition. To be born here doesn’t only mean to be surrounded by a fantastic Dolomite landscape but also to be part of a specific cultural tradition. Since the 17th century the artistic ability in woodcarving attained a worldwide recognition. From this tradition many innovative contemporaneous artists developed. The artistic environment gave the art lovers and art collectors Valentine and Egon Stuflesser the stimulus, to found the Vijion Art Gallery in 2010.
It doesn’t seem curious, that Valentine and Egon grew up in masterly workshops. Already in infancy they could live out their phantasy using utensils they came upon with, like colours, chisels and wood. Through the attendance of the local Art High School the gallerists Valentine and Egon acquired important knowledge about art history and the view of art. After both attained the master craftsmen’s diploma, the aim to live with and for art was marked.
Surrounded by the intensive art producing of the valley, Valentine and Egon developed the desire to present and market the local artistic abilities. An important stimulus for this was for sure the commercialization of the artworks by Valentine’s father. The artist Josef Kostner numbers to the vanguard South Tyrolean artists of his time.

The constant curiosity and enthusiasm of the gallerists to find new forms of art, led them over the local borders. It fascinates the gallerists Valentine and Egon again and again, to research in this so extensive art scene. Nowadays the material and realizable possibilities are inexhaustible. These versatile forms of expression require a profound knowledge and varied experiences of the gallerists. It’s up to the gallerists to distinguish the authentic and profound artists among the variate art world.
Through the membership of different associations, the management and social competences of the gallerists were strengthened. As president and committee member, inter alia as president of the Museum Gherdëina in 2017, Valentine could gather numerous experiences. Egon was many years part of the mountain rescue. A special challenge was for him to assume the presidency of the art fair Unika from 1999 to 2004. Nowadays, he is still a committee member of the Unika.
Art has become for the pair of gallerists Valentine and Egon a lifelong passion. In different artistic expressions they find again and again new emotional impulses and intellectual tensions which they would like to share with art lovers and collectors.

Art should be a sensual experience which inspires and moves, far from speculative tendencies.

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