art KARLSRUHE Messe für Klassische Moderne und Gegenwartskunst - Messe Karlsruhe Messeallee 1, 76287 Rheinstetten

04.05 - 07.05.23

Vijion Art Gallery is pleased to present our artist Julia Runggaldier, Egon Digon and Flavio Senoner at the Art Karlsruhe 2023.

Flavio Senoner_The Puristic and Neutral

Rhythm, structure, and arrangement are essential for the artist Flavio Senoner. Natural materials such as wood and plaster play have a leading role in Senoner’s works.

Flavio Senoner chose to use black and white, light, and dark, and in this way movement, plasticity and three-dimensionality come to the fore in these works. Senoner also adds a random element: he sets his works on fire, thus allowing the flames to alter the surface by changing structure and introducing patterns. The artwork introduces itself; you get acquainted with it and look at it in different ways and from different angles. The interweaving and overlapping of horizontal and vertical wooden strips create visual images of strong, emotional perceptions. Flavio deals intensively with the line, which by repetition dissolves its consistency and highlights a completely new potential.


Egon Digon - Distorted Square

Egon Digon formed his technical knowledge in the tradition of wood carving from Val Gardena and nowadays has found his personal style within the field of sculpture. His sculptures are created with great craftsmanship, working the whole process by hand. Orig-inated from a block of solid wood, the final artwork gets a surface texture and the outline in a way it resembles soft foam rubber. This illusion is due to his abilities to understand the deformation of materi-al under pressure. He breaks the solidity of the rigid material and transforms it into an organic shape, resembling the action of being trapped. In this situation, material squeezes out of the original geometric form and the movement of material leaves traces of fine lines of bulges and compression. Digon's work finds its fulfilment – be it as an irritation for the sake of irritation, or as a form for the sake of form. The irritation is at least as much a product of the viewer as of the work.


The Empathy Body - Julia Runggaldier

Julia Runggaldier acquired the technical capabilities of a figurative, realistic painter at a young age. From there, her artistic journey developed further from depiction of reality to striving to capture the language of the soul. She often analyses herself and reveals her intimate thoughts in her work. These are the intentions of an emerging self, as well as the natural essence of a delicate, growing sprout that revels in the Garden of Life. The poses she depicts interpret a natural gesture in which she gives herself up to embrace herself or perhaps to hide a secret. Julia draws her impulses from the sanctuary of the spirit. With a fixed gaze, she expresses a fleetingness that interrupts the accelerations of our time. The theme of her images could symbolise serenity or silence, the stage of a journey or the achievement of a goal. Julia expresses in her art an unanimity with herself and with the others and strives for universal unification. Her works speak of a life force and thus respect the greatness and fragility of humanity. Looking at Julia Runggaldier’s artworks, you can feel the great empathy with which she invites us to rest and enter a self-discovery to build a new self-worth that we so fervently need.

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