Discovery Art Fair Cologne 28.04. - 01.05.2022

28.04 - 01.05.22

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Vijion Art Gallery is pleased to present the artists Magdalena Bolego, Roland Barth, Stefan Perathoner, Josef Kostner and Egon Digon at the Discovery Art Fair Cologne 2022, in the XPOST in Cologne Gladbacher Wall 5, booth F9

With the work of these artists, Vijion Art Gallery wants to embrace the broad diversity of Contemporary Art, ranging from abstraction to figuration with each artist’s practice presented in its uniqueness and fascination.


Magdalena Bolego’s drawings bear witness to a sensual, intimate engagement with herself. Lines show traces of a leftover and trace their course. She selected a diversity of drawing media: crayons, pastel chalk and pigment markers are selected intuitively. Colour tones have similar properties to acoustic sounds. Temperature, transparency, brilliance, and opacity are other important properties that Magdalena considers in her work. By juxtaposing and overlaying of the individual shades, the colour effect changes.

In addition to colour, the wave line is a central motif in her works. The wavy line is reminiscent of scripts, characterized by rhythm and repetition.


Egon Digon manipulates wood in a way that it resembles something as soft as foam rubber. This illusion is due to his abilities to understand the deformation of material under pressure. He breaks the solidity of the rigid material and transforms it into an organic shape, resembling the action of being trapped. In this situation, material squeezes out of the original geometric form and the movement of material leaves traces of fine lines of bulges and compression. 

The compression and thrust of the material gains deformations and breaks with the formal aesthetics of the initial form. This is a treatment that can be understood as a symbol for our time. We are increasingly canalised into systems from which the artist desires to escape. In these works, there is expression of freedom shown through a disruptive action, able to break the pattern and adopt an irregular shape. 


Stefan Perathoner’s technical abilities to represent a perfect figure are masterful. He works on the anatomy down to the smallest detail. This absolute security allows him to reproduce the figure in different poses at once calm and relaxed. But he does not leave it to its naturalness and, through painterly accents, represents connections between humans and the animal world.


Roland Barth works through the technique of screen-painting, a personal pictorial language that makes use of the tools of screen printing, such as the scraper and the screen-printing frame. He uses this technique in a free expressive manner to give shape to his emotional and personal world. The result is an abstract composition characterized between spontaneity and perfection.


Josef Kostner seeks his artistic inspiration in the nature and landscape of his homeland in the Dolomites. The artist is a critical and attentive observer of his contemporary society, whose loss of values and ideals is at the heart of his creation and the subject of an uncompromising and merciless artistic representation. Josef’s work is not only a mere representation of his ideology but is also and above all a warning and an invitation to reflect on the real values of life.


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