POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair 2023 - airport Tempelhof, Hall 5 - 6, Booth A14

14.09 - 17.09.23

Vijion Art Gallery is pleased to present the artists Andrea M. Varesco, Nahuel Rinaudo, Flavio Senoner and Egon Digon at the Positions Art Fair 2023. With the work of these four artists, Vijion Art Gallery aims to show the many possibilities of abstraction in contemporary art.

Andrea M. Varesco's work speak of freedom and emotions that erupt in open spaces. Using a wide range of colors, Andrea intuitively develops her powerful images. Her painting has this quality of embodying something without being concrete, of becoming physically concrete, triggering the thought that one is looking at a physical counterpart, that the two-dimensional object image has gained a kind of liveliness and also exude it.

The artworks by Nahuel Rinando offer us bewitching colors and magical spaces. They are complex color worlds in which one can get lost. What we perceive is always the result of an agreement between the real and our psyche. Nahuel's artworks are visual realizations of memories, created from the compromise between truthfulness and dreamy illusion.

Flavio Senoner's artworks are harmonies of line, light and shadow. His structured works create rhythmic repetitions that are never identical. His goal is to strive for variation in repetition. Gentle changes in the individual elements create vibrations that captivate the viewer.

Egon Digon manipulates wood in a way that it resembles something as soft as foam rubber. This illusion is due to his abilities to understand the deformation of material under pressure. He breaks the solidity of the rigid material and transforms it into an organic shape, resembling the action of being trapped. In this situation, material squeezes out of the original geometric form and the movement of material leaves traces of fine lines of bulges and compression. 

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