Artfair_Arte Fusion Stuttgart

14.04 - 16.04.23

The Vijion Art Gallery is pleased to present the artists Andrea M. Varesco, Egon Digon and Josef Kostner at the artfair Arte Fusion Stuttgart.

Andrea M. Varesco's manifold colour spectrum invigorates the senses along with their atmospheric color temperatures. The focus is on the poetic effects of light and colour.

Starting from geometric shapes, Egon Digon explores the possibilities of distortion in his works. The compression and apparent thrust of the material wood, gains deformations and breaks the formal aesthetics of the original form.

Josef Kostner was a unique artist from Gardena Valley who dedicated his life to art. Out of a deep, inner necessity, he created sculptures and graphics over decades that reflect the complexity of the human psyche. The focus is not on the image of an individual or a zeitgeist, but on an intense interest in the inner life of man. It is the variety of feelings and thoughts of human existence that Kostner wanted to materialize in his sculptures and graphics.

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