BAW Bolzano Art Week - Exhibition Hotel Mondschein Bolzano

23.09 - 03.10.21

As part of the Art Week Bolzano, the Vijion Art Gallery is exhibiting the works of its artists Josef Kostner and Bruno Vallazza, in the Park of the Hotel Mondscheins in Bolzano.

Josef Kostner complete oeuvre seems to revolve around this central question of our existence. His artistic work is the result of his intimate and emotional, provocative and challenging world. Kostners visual language explores herself and the human condition. His themes revolve between joys and sufferings of physicality as well as between joyful and painful life experiences. Themes that have always accompanied human beings since their existence.

Bruno Vallazza was neither a typical artist nor a conventional man. His view of the world was shaped through a very critical lens. He did not think much of materialism and consumption. This rawness is reflected by his sculptures. Bruno’s work starts with a very special way of working, in which the sculpture develops into its whole by means of bends and additions.

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