“Harmony of Balance” – Exhibition

15.05 - 12.06.21

The exhibition “Harmony of Balance” will take place at the Vijion Art Gallery as part of the Art Karlsruhe Selections from Saturday 15th May to Saturday 12th June 2021. The artists Elisa Alberti, Mirijam Heiler, Flavio Senoner and Egon Digon will present their artistic positions which complement one another.


The tautology “Harmony of Balance” is a fundamental starting point of the artistic work of Elisa Alberti, Mirijam Heiler, Flavio Senoner and Egon Digon - four artists who create their works from the arrangement and displacement of geometric shapes and lines. The intensification of the structure has become a ritual for them. This conscious request for rhythmic style, develops a clarity of thought, through which we revive contact to deep points of perception. The repetition results in a condensation of the statement.

Based on the practice of technological reproducibility, these artists look for differentiation through artisanal uniqueness. For Alberti, Heiler, Senoner and Digon, art becomes a technology of enchantment since manual elaboration does not strive for perfection and leaves room for spontaneity. It is an oeuvre of variation, free from any sterility and against any standardization.

Mirijam Heiler and Flavio Senoner combine the seemingly simple, orderly and clear. The limitation of resources and the radical reduction encourages the concentration on the essence of things. In her works, filigree spatial structures emerge from lines and forms, characterized by rhythm, sequences and overlaps. The puristic and neutral is expressed here. In doing so, they attach great importance to repetition, a repetition into the seemingly infinite. The successive forms can be interpreted as an eternal cycle.

Minimalism, patterns and the refraction of these characterize the two positions. Their works reflect a structure that allows for slight deviations. These create vibrations in rhythm. In this way, they move away from perfection, in search of diversity in seriality. In the layered, interlocking structure of lines, a sublime system of the sensory domain emerges. This programmatic simplification unleashes an astonishing potential. The concept of interruptions of the ordering systems gives rise to an astonishing diversity of variations and nuances. The apparent sobriety awakens sensual charisma and complements it with intellectual quality. 

The artists Elisa Alberti and Egon Digon dedicate their artistic work to development of forms and lines. They give movement and lightness to the straight line. Fields of tension arise between divergent and converging forms.
Alberti’s Praxis is consistently dedicated to the repetition of lines and forms in a superordinate system. In doing so, she does not strive for a completely identical repetition, but seeks the variation of something that is always similar.

Her works are formally ascetic, pure, silent, resting in their self; a veil before a transcendent reality. They are a visual meditation, knowing about the viewer’s gaze. The gaze sinks into the interplay of the individual elements of a picture and follows the forms that communicate with each other. Alberti’s Art is attractive, sublime and elegant.
Egon Digon’s artworks start from the deformation of the geometric. In doing so, he processes the hard material wood and alienates it from its property. He removes all hardness from the rigid lines and transforms them into tension-charged forms. Dynamics of the composition release energy and vitality. This ambivalence between the ordered and the curved leads to a destabilization of perception. The works of art offer an escape into free dimensions of thought and open up access to new perspectives.

Artists Elisa Alberti, Mirijam Heiler, Flavio Senoner and Egon Digon invite us in the exhibition “Harmony of Balance” to abandon the familiar ground, the basic idea of thought and aesthetics, in order to advance into the free realms of the imaginary world.
Kostner Valentine

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