Sara Stuflesser, born in 1977, studied at the art school of Ortisei and then at the Academy of Urbino in the painting section. She explored the technique of fresco and graffito from the artist Silvio Senoner Rijeda. After a series of deep reflections and personal researches, Sara found her way to express her feelings and emotions in art. The basic argument of his works are the contacts and the different positions of our society. Sara has furthered her thought of people’s woven relationships. Through these cohabitations, she wants to engage the viewer to be part of the dialogue and give rise to a reciprocal exchange.


- 2012   Einzelausstellung , Malerei und Skulptur in der Engelsburg/Kloster Neustift-Brixen

- 2011   „Afrika“- Benefizausstellung in Wolkenstein

- 2010   „Afrika“- Benefizausstellung in St.Ulrich

- 2007   Einzelausstellung Kaffe Soviso - St. Ulrich

- 2007   Einzelausstellung im Kaffee Surèdl - St.Ulrich

- 2006   Kollektivausstellung in der Trostburg- Trostburger Wochen

- 2004   Kollektivausstellung  ladinische Kunstmaler - Schloss Maretsch

- 2000   Stage und Austellung mit der Künstlerin Betty Bee in Pesaro „EX Chiesa della Maddalena Scalone Vanvitelliano“

- 1999   Kollektivausstellung in Urbino-Sala del Maniscalco

- 1998   Kollektivausstellung in Tavullia- Marche

Art Fairs

Padova, Milano, Bergamo, Brussels, Reggio Emilia

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