Rinaudo Nahuel was born 1998 in Berlin, grew up in Switzerland and is currently studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nürnberg.


The artworks by Nahuel Rinando offer us bewitching colours and magical spaces. They are complex-coloured worlds in which one can get lost.

"The viewer becomes an archaeologist by looking through the various layers of painting and discovering the substance of the picture for himself". Nahuel Rinaudo

Nahuel Rinaudo draws the recipients into his art in a participatory manner, with the attraction of being seen from changing points of view. The complexity of his works offer an expanded sense of vision. Nahuel's paintings show complex movements characterized by overlays, distortions and vibrating patterns. Forms move to the point of fragmentation. Networks of lines forms an uncontrollable unrest that is flooded with electrifying stimuli. The effects triggered by the works range from slightly irritating flickering to geometric poles of calm. In Rinaudo's painting one recognizes this state of tension between stillness and explosion.

Any attempt to find something concrete in Rinaudo's work fails because of the many junctions, unexpected connections and the almost labyrinthine entanglements. The covering braids celebrate the artificial and a conscious artificiality. This technological touch of his works is underlined by the brilliance of the colors, which invite you to a surprising visual pleasure.

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