Simon Wallnöfer

Simon Wallnöfer, born in 1995, attends the art school „Cademia“ in Ortisei, Val Gardena.

In his works Wallnöfer develops a concept which gives the observer the opportunity of free and personal interpretation. On one hand the artworks reflect his emotions and thoughts during the coming into being of the works and on the other hand they represent the artistic action. The different conditions during the creation take shape and expression. The material used is of natural origin. With wax and carbon Wallnöfer arranges a graduation of black, gray and white. If we observe his artworks attentively, we can explore tonalities and spots of color with consciously studied accents. The texture and effects seem to be formed by chance, but in fact they are carefully composed, changed and overlaid through a conscious work process.

The main subject of Wallnöfers work is the human being with his thoughts and actions.

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