Gregor Prugger

Gregor Prugger, born 1954 in St. Ulrich learned, first in the sculpture workshop of his father and then attended the Academy of Art in Florence under the direction of Professor Gallo. In the 80s he joined on with other fellow artists, the group Arte Visive in Bolzano. He is involved in several exhibitions at home and abroad.

Gregor Prugger is an untiring explorer. He is always able to surprise us with new ideas and expressions. Prugger always searches and develops new concepts and his capacity of thought seems to be inexhaustible. In the researches he always finds new shapes, but nature remains his spring. From appreciation and respect for nature he gets his inspirations. Living in close contact to nature, he feels a sensibility which allows him to get into a reciprocal dialogue. The vertical rocks, the wood, the snow and the rivers of the Dolomite mountains characterize his work. Prugger feels in the depth, catching the details of these natural wonders. In the works he realizes his way of contemplating as an attentive observer. Prugger’s reliefs are details of nature, where everything is silent and free of human influences or interventions. This ideal world of peace takes us with it and makes us forget the troubles of the day. In order of giving even more importance to the created, Prugger also takes a natural object applying on it his personal thoughts. His art is not only a pure representation of nature, but an extension of the soul and spirit. Prugger’s thoughts makes us conscious of the infinite. In his works we feel the great sensibility of peace as well as the alteration and repetition of our cosmos, like the birth and death of the seasons.

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