Bruno Vallazza

Bruno Vallazza (*07.01.1935 - + 25.10.2016)

Art Blacksmith and Iron Sculptor

Bruno Vallazza grew up in an artistic family. Through his father, Hermann Vallazza, he learned how an art locksmith worked. Soon, although, he detached himself from the crafted unique window gratings, garden gates, railings, crosses and much more. The young son developed his own style and discovered next to his love for painting his real passion: the creation of forged iron sculptures in different shapes and sizes.

Bruno Vallazza was different from others. This differentness is incorporated in his sculptures.

He usually went on trips to explore art. To Improve his skills he exchanged knowledge with artists like Miguel Berrocal, Eduardo Chilida or Simon Benetton. He was always looking for inspiration, very often by going through art catalogues.

Endless seemed his thirt for knowledge for topics like art, philosophy, history, music and nature, in particular.

From the 50ies, he created many sculptures. He would only sell a piece, if he had not enough money to live.

Bruno Vallazza was neither a typical artist nor a conventional man. His view of the world was shaped through a very critical lens. He did not think much of materialism and consumption. This rawness is reflected by his sculptures.

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